– At weedy lots, under crumbling concrete, along shorelines we encounter the mythic in the mundane. Scenes of triumph, tragedy and revelatory beauty, spontaneously arisen from the interaction of organic and industrial processes. It smells of burnt copper and mycelium.
In these landscapes veiled in apocalyptic promise, teeming with life, we find the means to navigate through the present.

Ohlsson/Dit-Cilinn has exhibited in Los Angeles, New York, Amsterdam, Chiang Mai, Shanghai and Brussels among other places. In their work natural processes merge with conceptual and sculptural gesture. The duo explores mythology, ecology, secular spirituality, altered states of consciousness and sexuality in an often visceral manner. They are most well-known for reframing the nature-culture polarity in installations and ritualistic performances.

Ohlsson/Dit-Cilinn consists of David Ohlsson (b.1985, SE) and Dit-Cilinn (b.1983, SE/TH). They have worked collaboratively since 2007.